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You are on a really good way ma boi

InuNoshiri responds:

thanks dad

Its a bit chaotic maybe more than one melody playing at once? I did the same mistake in my songs so try tighting it up and the overall dynamics could be a bit better but well done so far i like that speedy waterflame vibe :D

InuNoshiri responds:

haha, actually, it is quite outdated song. now i'm trying to organize melodies and all that stuff more scrupulously. anyway, thx for advice <c<

Well its over 18 months and you have improved a lot and i wish i would be this quick. And that leads me to the question: How long have you been producing music?

Lagiarathalos responds:

Haha thanks
I think a started a bit more than two years ago ;)
YouTube tutorials helped me a lot

The melody actually has much potential but i would be better to practice it with a piano or some other instruments. Keep on it and dont give up :)

20-Wikipedia responds:

Do you know a piano keyboard online? Do u know how to use FL Studio? I heard a rumor about that there's a keyboard in FL Studio. Thx btw! :D Please reply in my news post.

Nickt schleckt aber guck dir mal videos zu mixing und mastering an da kannst du aus der nummer noch ne menge rausholen und melodisch kannst du da auch mehr variationen einbringen :)

F1regek responds:

ich kenn mich schon mit mixen und mastern aus sollte simpel sein :D

Awesome track man thats sick and i saw that other comment you can just private message robtop and he will whitelist you :)

Tennobyte responds:

Really? Ok, thx for telling me :).


SpeTheof responds:

Thanks ^^

lul nice but kinda too messy for my ears xd

Hippokopter responds:

Well thanks. lol

Holy Shit that track is so amazing dude please give me tip for my musik xD
Keep up tha great work

Hippokopter responds:

Music tips, eh? Well the easiest thing that you could do is hop on over to my profile, open up the featured news post, and click on the links near the bottom. There's 3 articles, and they've made up most of my core philosophy when it comes to music, and I haven't found anything that compares (not that I've been searching, but you get the point). I'll give an "elevator pitch" for each of the articles:

5 stages article: Likely the most important article you haven't read about music production. Outlines the general path towards mastery. (I'll give you a hint now - if you follow very closely what the author says to do in at least stage 2, then stage 3 won't be nearly as bad. I hardly had to experience stage 3 at all, but that is NOT the norm.)

CODA method article: A powerful method to be used when encountering strange problems. Can be broadened to things other than music. (This article is mostly left out of my music making philosophy, but I still like the article for what value it could have to others.)

5 skills article: Things to take note of when following the 5 stages outlined in the first article. (This article is one that I ought to refer to more often... xD)

I'd highly suggest re-reading these articles when you have any sort of feeling that something is "off" with your music production. It can really be a boost.

Definitely PM me if you've got more questions.

As for keeping up the great work, I have no plans of stopping. >:D

By the way, I'd prefer if you didn't cuss when you review my songs. Nevertheless, thanks for the review!

Welp... thats what i really like :D
GJ mate

mutty99 responds:

Thanks :)

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