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Bei dir ist nie etwas in einem Key und alles klingt schief arbeite mal daran. Der Ansatz am Anfang ist aber gut. Wenn du FL Studio benutzt mach mal unter Helpers -> Scale highlighting -> Automatic nen Haken, dann Platziere ein paar Noten und dir wird hell angezeigt was im Key ist und dunkel was nicht.

The melody actually has much potential but i would be better to practice it with a piano or some other instruments. Keep on it and dont give up :)

20-Wikipedia responds:

Do you know a piano keyboard online? Do u know how to use FL Studio? I heard a rumor about that there's a keyboard in FL Studio. Thx btw! :D Please reply in my news post.

Nice one really like the flow keep it up :)

Very well made and happy song :)

Nickt schleckt aber guck dir mal videos zu mixing und mastering an da kannst du aus der nummer noch ne menge rausholen und melodisch kannst du da auch mehr variationen einbringen :)

F1regek responds:

ich kenn mich schon mit mixen und mastern aus sollte simpel sein :D

Vibes... (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Well done thats totally my taste of music

Awesome track man thats sick and i saw that other comment you can just private message robtop and he will whitelist you :)

Tennobyte responds:

Really? Ok, thx for telling me :).

Try putting that into the right scale, mix and master the sh*t out of it like everybody else and see what you can improve from this. Just place some notes different and level everything equally.
What i still do is watch a lot of tutorials and trying to get ideas how everything works together
Learning music is hard and takes a loooong time so just dont give up. Your hard work will some day pay off :)

Good good. All your audio is so short. Try something bigger if you want to improve yourself alot. Just play around and see what you get. It just takes a long time to practice that

Damn thats really good my german kartoffel

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